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Utility Services in Burhanpur

Burhanpur is an important city of Madhya Pradesh. It is equipped with all the important public utilities. The town is equipped with an alert and efficient police department, taking very good care of safety of the town. The Municipal Corporation is very well taking care and improving the standard and lifestyle of the people of Burhanpur. The health facilities are taking good care of the health of the residents of the Burhanpur. The transport facilities are well maintained. Though Burhanpur don’t have any airport, but the railway and roadways very well connect the town to other cities and towns. Banking services, old age homes, media services, post offices and many other services also serve the people of Burhanpur to their best.

Collector & District Magistrate
Collector Office, Raver Road Burhanpur -450331
Email : dmburhanpur[at]nic[dot]in
Designation : Collector & District Magistrate
Phone : 07325241000
Fax No. : 07325242043
Room No. : 01

CM Helpline : 181
Child Helpline : 1098
Women Helpline : 1091
Crime Stopper : 1090

Vital Services In Burhanpur
Utility Services in Burhanpur

Municipal Corporation of Burhanpur

Burhanpur is historic town. It was the base for the expeditions to south India as well as capital of the frontier province of Mughal era. Taking care of the rich heritage is completely taken care by Municipal Corporation. They maintain and take care of all the archeological remains in Burhanpur . Developing and maintaining the tourism of the town is looked after by Municipal Corporation. Apart from it taking care of the water supple, electricity supply, construction and maintenance of roads, hospitals, schools, roads and other public places is also under the work Municipal Corporation.

Burhanpur Municipal Corporation
Burhanpur Municipal Corporation Office Near Stadium Ground Burhanpur- 450331
Email : nn[dot]burhanpur[at]mpurban[dot]gov[dot]in
Phone : 07325-254881
Category/Type: Urban Body
Pincode: 450331

Safety in Burhanpur

Safety in BurhanpurBurhanpur has seen a decline in the criminal rate of district. The credit goes to the alert and efficient police department. The police department has come up with Nirbhaya patrolling, women desk, women helpline etc. These all facilities provided by the police department has largely helped locals in living a safe and secure life. An specialized, appointed team is always strolling around the town to keep a check on the women safety, especially near public areas school, colleges etc. This has gradually decreased the crime against women in the town. Apart from women safety the police department in Burhanpur alertly keeps a check on the crime rate in the town. For More Click Here

Supritendent of Police Burhanpur
Call: 07325-242100
Email: sp_burhanpur@mppolice.gov.in

Burhanpur Kotwali Police Station,
Address : Burhanpur Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh Pincode: 450331
Call: 07325255233

Ganpati Naka Police Station,
Address : Burhanpur Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh Pincode: 450331
Call: 07325245339

Khaknar Police Station,
Address : Khaknar Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh Pincode:450332
Call: 07325276325

Nepanagar Police Station,
Address : Nepanagar Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh Pincode:450221
Call: 07325222200

Shahpur Burhanpur Police Station,
Address : Shahpur Burhanpur Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh Pincode: 450445
Call: 07325268130

Shikarpura Police Station,
Address : Shikarpura Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh Pincode:450331
Call: 07325241241

Traffic Burhanpur
Call: 07325-251182

Lal Bag
Call: 07325-243276

Women's Helpline – 1091
Children's Helpline - 1098

Transport in Burhanpur

Burhanpur has no airport of its own, closest airport is the Indore Airport at a distance of 163 kms and Aurangabad Airport at a distance of 186 kms away from Burhanpur. The city is well connected through railways. Many regular trains passes from Burhanpur and connects it to major cities of the country. Burhanpur can also be reached by Indore railway station. Cabs and taxis are available from both the railway stations for Burhanpur. It has a good network of roadways. It is also connected to all major cities of India through roadways.

Burhanpur Railway Station
Code: BAU
City: Burhanpur

Healthcare Services in Burhanpur

Hospitals in Burhanpur
Healthcare services in Burhanpur

Health care services in Burhanpur are given due attention. The main motive of the health department in Burhanpur is to provide efficient and improve effectiveness of health services in minimum cost for the public. The care given to the patients in hospitals of Burhanpur is ethical and safe. The wellbeing of patients are given foremost importance. There are many good hospitals in Burhanpur equipped with all the modern facilities. The doctors are well trained and experienced. There is sufficient staff of nurses, cleaners etc to give best required care to the patients. The nurses are well trained.

Tapti Hospital
Address - 51,LAL Bagh ,Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-7325-255945, 255944

Nehru Hospital
Address - Gandhi Chowk, Near Bus Stand, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-7325-254102

Matra Seva Sadan Hospital
Address - Rastipura Amravati Road, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-7325-255133

Nimar Hospital and Research Centre
Address - 23, Amravati Road, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-7325-241724

Devashish Hospital
Address - Near G.p.o , Nyamatpura, Burhanpur, Burhanpur – 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-7325-400004, 254535

Insurances in Burhanpur

For the financial security of the residents of the town there are many insurance agents present in Burhanpur. These agents help residents of the city in choosing correct insurance plans and policies that are in tune with their budget and requirement. One should be really careful while buying one and should look for the maximum possible options and choose the one that suits best. There many insurance policies available in the market like life insurance, vehicle insurance, health Insurance etc.

Sahara India Parivar
Address - Choudhary Sadan, Nyamatpura, Burhanpur, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9827507371

Bhartiya Jivan Bima Nigam
Address - Madan Gopal Complex, Rajpura Road, Burhanpur, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9827005021

Narendra Kulkarni
Address - Sanjay Nagar, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331, Amravati Road
Phone Number - +(91)-9926702755

Rajendra Thakur
Address - 1st Floor Sri Satya SAI Plaza, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331, Mohan Nagar Amravati Road
Phone Number - +(91)-9424098390

Sheetal Bima Seva Kendra
Arco Complex, Shanwara, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9407462725

Postal Services in Burhanpur

Post Offices in Burhanpur
Postal Services in Burhanpur

Post Offices are a very reliable service provided by the Government of India. With the upcoming of courier services, the post offices are though losing their gleam. People are now more and more getting dependent on the private courier services. The Post offices are still the cheaper mode of mailing service. Apart from mailing service. Post offices offer many money saving schemes. Some of the very beneficial schemes offered by post office are public provident fund, Kisan Vikas Patra and many more.

Post Office Bus Stop
Contact Address: Post Office Road, Goti Maholla,Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

Rajpura Post office
Contact Address: Kasturba Gandhi Marg,Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

Lalbagh Post Office
Contact Address: Lalbagh Road, Lalbagh, Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh 450331

Courier Services in Burhanpur

With a fast moving life style in Burhanpur, people are in an urge to transfer things or documents from one place to another in minimal time. The courier services very well take care of this need of the people and recent times. The courier services in Burhanpur make sure to transfer things or documents from one city to another in same country or anywhere around the world in the committed time period. The domestic courier service take charge of transferring goods, mails and documents within the city while the international courier services transfers objects, mails and documents around the world. Here is a list of all the courier services in Burhanpur.

DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd
Address - Shop No 4, Hashraf Complex, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9301460190

Madhur Courier Services
Address - Rajoriya Bhavan, Shanwara Road, , Near SBI , Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9301337890, 8965811974

The Professional Couriers
Address - 198,Qila Road, Chowk Bazar, Bambhada, Burhanpur - 450445
Phone Number - +(91)-7325-253590

Minifast Courier
Address - Fawara Chowk, , Saree Bazar , Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-7879213151

Reliance Courier Service
Address - Fawara Chowk, Maliwada, Above Rattilal Store , Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9827355765

Madhur Courier
Address - City Kotwali Road, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9669102049

Madhur Courier Service
Address - Behind Khan Bhai Factory, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9926860336

Flyking Courier Services Pvt Ltd
Address - Old Bus Stand, Burhanpur, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-7325-258044

Anjani Courier Services Pvt Ltd
Address - 365, Killa Road, , Chock Bazar, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9098076777

Banking Services in Burhanpur

Banking Services in BurhanpurBanks are a very important public utility service in a town like Burhanpur which is considered gateway to South. All the financial issues of the residents of the city are taken care by the banks. Various banks in Burhanpur provide several monetary facilities like several accounts like current account, saving account etc. they also provide loans to the needy customers. There are several type of loans like home loans, education loan, vehicle loans etc. They give several insurances like health insurance, accident insurance etc. with the coming of credit cards and debit cards and mobile banking the facility of banks are now available any time and any day.

Axis Bank
IFSC Code - Utib0000822
MICR Code - 450211998
Address - Upper Ground Floor, Navagrahe Parisar Plot No.654/7, Amravati Road, Burhanpur Dist. Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh Pin 450331
Phone Number - 07825-242246/ 47/ 48

Bank Of Baroda (BoB)
IFSC Code - Barb0burhan
MICR Code - 450012001
Address - Burhanpur Branch, Near Sani Mandir Shah Bazar, Burhanpur, 450331
Phone Number - 07325-255217, 400217

Bank Of India (BoI)
IFSC Code - Cbin0283534
MICR Code - 460016001
Address - 289 Rajpura Gate Rastipur, Burhanpur M.P 450331
Phone Number - (07325) 253504

Punjab National Bank (PNB)
IFSC Code - Sbin0004582
MICR Code - 450002006
Address - Burhanpur, East Nimar, Madhya Pradesh
Phone Number - 07325-252436

State Bank Of India (SBI)
IFSC Code - Sbin0030006
MICR Code - Non-Micr
Address - 137, Shah Bazar, Burhanpur – 450331
Phone Number - 07325-254929, 257195

Property Dealers in Burhanpur

Burhanpur is famous for its textile industry. The property prices are rising in the city like in other parts of our country. Property dealers keep the information of all the property of the city and neighboring area. They know exactly about which property is good for their customers. They keep a track of all the properties for sale or for rent. People hire these property dealers to sale or to buy any property or to rent or hire any property. In turn they take commission from both the parties. They deal in both land and build up property. Here is a list of all the property dealers in Burhanpur.

Paras Property Brokers
Address - Shop No 7, Saeeda Hospital Complex, Indore Road, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9827216241, 9424840110

Sandeep Mehra Property Brokers
Address - Near Maratha Bhavan, Amravati Road, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9826325534

Hujefa Broker
Address - 30, Aazad Nagar , Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331

Somaya Property Consultantas
Address - Gujarati Samaj Market, Below Hotel Pallavi, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9993778800, 9425086213, 9179908888, 7898472222

Sandeep Kumar Aditya Pratap Singh
Address - 1, Shive Colony Lalbagh, Burhanpur Ho, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9425839958

Parshavnath Property Broker
Address - Near Jain Mandir, Shahpur, Burhanpur - 450445
Phone Number - +(91)-8109140200

Laundry Services in Burhanpur

Laundry Services in Burhanpur
Dry Cleaners in Burhanpur

Laundry services provide cleaning of clothes. There are a few laundry services quite a lot used by the people of Burhanpur. Though Burhanpur is not a very huge city, but because of its textile industry the city is quite advanced and the people believe in using all the facilities provided by the city. Laundry service is one of the most extensively used service. These laundry services apart from washing of clothes also provide ironing of clothes as well as few of them offer dry cleaning calendaring and many other associated services. Here is a detailed list of all the laundry services with their address and phone numbers.

Taheri Laundry Shop
Address - Dargah -E-Hakimi Market, Burhanpur, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9713906060

Sanjay Laundry
Address - LAL Bagh, Burhanpur, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9753974131

Navin Laundry
Address - 60, Sikarpura, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-8435362140

Rex Laundry
Address - Mata Bazar, Nepanagar, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9407488479

Aasha Laundry
Address - Near Padma Takies, Burhanpur - 450331
Phone Number - +(91)-9977224107

Nikas Laundry
Address - LAL Bagh, Burhanpur, Nepanagar, Burhanpur - 450221
Phone Number - +(91)-9827715516

Media Services in Burhanpur

Media Services are very important in a democratic country like ours. They are a mirror of all the happenings going around in the country. They bring the inner and hidden stories to the general public. All the media in Burhanpur is done in Hindi. In current world there are many modes on media both electronic and paper. Now modes like internet, fm, T.V. are more preferred mode of media. But still the charm of newspaper remains the same. Morning tea without newspaper seems incomplete to many people.

Telecom Services in Burhanpur

Telecom services are very important and are capturing the world in their web. The world without telecom services and internet services seems impossible. With the coming of smart phones, internet facility are now available in everyone’s pocket. Burhanpur is no exception. The town is under a tremendous craze of telecom and internet services. Especially the youth is highly influenced by them. Telecom services and Internet services are of great use and are very beneficial if used in a right manner. These services are also being used for many illegal purposes by some ruthless people, so always beware and make wise use of these facilities.

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